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SEC Filings

BLACK & DECKER CORP filed this Form 424B1 on 11/18/2011
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Indenture or the Subordinated Indenture and the performance and observance of the Indenture and (b) we or such successor corporation shall not immediately thereafter be in default under the Indenture.

Definition of Certain Terms

“Restricted Subsidiary” means a Subsidiary (as defined below) (i) substantially all the property of which is located, or substantially all the business of which is carried on, within the United States, and (ii) which owns a Principal Property; provided, however, that the term shall not include any Subsidiary which is solely or primarily engaged in the business of providing or obtaining financing for the sale or lease of products sold or leased by us or any Subsidiary or which is primarily engaged in the business of a finance company either on a secured or an unsecured basis.

“Principal Property” means all real property and tangible personal property constituting a manufacturing plant located within the United States owned by us or a Restricted Subsidiary, exclusive of (i) motor vehicles, mobile materials-handling equipment and other rolling stock, (ii) office furnishings and equipment, information and electronic data processing equipment, (iii) any property financed through obligations issued by a state or possession of the United States, or any political subdivision or instrumentality of the foregoing, on which the interest is not, in the opinion of tax counsel of recognized standing or in accordance with a ruling issued by the Internal Revenue Service, includable in gross income of the holder by reason of Section 103(a) of the Internal Revenue Code (or any successor to such provision) as in effect at the time of the issuance of such obligations, (iv) any real property held for development or sale, or (v) any property the gross book value of which (including related land and improvements thereon and all machinery and equipment included therein without deduction of any depreciation reserves) is less than 10% of Consolidated Net Worth or which our board of directors determines is not material to the operation of our business and our Subsidiaries taken as a whole.

“Consolidated Net Worth” means the excess over current liabilities of all assets properly appearing on our consolidated balance sheet after deducting the minority interests of others in Subsidiaries.

A “Subsidiary” is defined to mean any corporation of which at least a majority of all outstanding stock having ordinary voting power in the election of directors of such corporation is at the time, directly or indirectly, owned by us or by one or more Subsidiaries of ours or by us and one or more Subsidiaries.

“Attributable Debt” in respect of any Sale and Lease-Back Transaction means, as of the time of the determination, the lesser of (i) the sale price of the Principal Property so leased multiplied by a fraction the numerator of which is the remaining portion of the base term of the lease included in such transaction and the denominator of which is the base term of such lease, and (ii) the total obligation (discounted to present value at the implicit interest factor, determined in accordance with generally accepted financial practice, included in the rental payments or, if such interest factor cannot readily be determined, at a rate of interest of 10% per annum, compounded semi-annually) of the lessee for rental payments (other than amounts required to be paid on account of property taxes as well as maintenance, repairs, insurance, water rates and other items which do not constitute payments for property rights) during the remaining portion of the base term of lease included in such transaction.

Events of Default

The following events are defined in the Indentures as “Events of Default”:



default in the payment of any installment of interest on any debt securities in such series for 30 days after becoming due;



default in the payment of principal or premium, if any, of any debt securities in such series when due;



default in the performance of any other covenant for 90 days after notice;



involuntary acceleration of the maturity of our indebtedness in excess of $10 million for money borrowed which acceleration shall not be rescinded or annulled or otherwise cured, or which indebtedness shall not be discharged, within 10 days after notice;